Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bedroom makeover time

I can't believe we've only had this dresser and nightstand set for shows but it just doesn't seem that long.  I really didn't and don't want to have this new project because its just so tedious but the outcome is always fun.  

I started with one nightstand to make sure it looked good enough to do the dresser and other nightstand. 

Of course I used my favorite solution "deglosser" to begin the process. 

Here's the scratched up and ready to be renewed! 

The process...

The finished product...

Also notice the basically looked like this ( I forgot to take a pic of the before) 

While I was waiting for paint to dry I decided to fix the lamp up too... Just a little spray paint, gray on shade and white on lamp.

Now the dresser is next...ughghg 

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