Sunday, April 22, 2012


Son and daughter sharing a room

Sons side

Sons side

daughters side

daughters side

updated photos of the kids room...this is Kalyssa's side obviously. Everything is so scrunched together but we're making it work

stencil in bathroom

starting the stenciling

Added some 95" curtains from JC Penneys that were on the clearance rack for 7.00 each

bought an xtra curtain that I cut up and put in old picture frames...I wrapped the fabric around the cardboard and left the glass out

Big Cedar Lodge, love this place

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cowgirl Birthday Party

I recently had a cowgirl bday party for my daughter. We rented the room at a local farm owned by the city. It's called Rutledge-Wilson Farm, so cute my daughter chose 2 animals to be brought in so that her and her friends could pet them.

Found a patch at walmart that I just cut into a tie and ironed on a onesie for the baby. 

My daughter chose the Rabbit and the horse to pet at the farm. 

I think she was pretty proud of her party :) 

Ordered this western necklace and a cactus magnet for the kids to make as "craft" time!

I made most everything in the pics...including the tutu which i am really excited about.

The Bags I bought from Hobby lobby and then I bought the handkerchiefs from wal-mart for $1.00 a piece. I filled the bags with cookies, fruit snacks, a popper toy, candy and then the badge (from hobby lobby) on the outside.  I made the name labels with Western Font that I found online for free and scrap-booking paper.  Found a Wanted poster online for free that you can add your own picture and font.   Cactus juice was green hawaiin punch and 7-up!

I ordered these cute cupcake toppers from personalized with your child's name All you have to pay is $5.00 for the file , cardstock, and a 2" cutter from hobby lobby or Michael's.  the napkins, cups, plates were ordered from celebrate express or birthday express.

Made the #"3" with fabric from walmart and iron on adhesive.  I just typed a 3 on word and made the font big and cut it out to trace on fabric.  Boots are from jc penneys, $30.00

This hat was adorable. It has a light up tiara on the front and I paid only $7.00 from amazon.