Sunday, April 13, 2014

Princess Tea Party

For my daughters 5th Birthday party we decided upon a Tea Party with Cinderella!  I think I went overboard this time but all the kids and even parents were saying what a great party it was which makes me feel really good since I put so much time and effort into it! 

These were the party favors, I loved making these! I just cut out the circles with a cd as my template, then used a cupcake wrapper template for the tea cup and it took a while to cut out the perfect handle but I got it! Used the bags to make it look like steam coming from pot! I also put name labels in the side as well so the kids wouldn't fight over them. I bought all pink candies, stickers, Cinderella pens for the girls and sll blue candies for the boys! The boys didn't partake in the tea party ;) 

 Pin the Tiara on the Princess! Bought on Amazon for apx. $2.99

 Had Cinderella give all girls a wand, gloves, and a necklace! 

 Tea Cup Pinata, Made by Wackalotta Pinata, can be found on Facebook.

 Place Cards! 

 I made pink Meringues, in which I am so mad that I forgot to take a pic of but they are so beautiful and light and taste like cotton candy!  Here is the pic I stole from the site and the link for the recipe, just allow yourself a lot of bake time for these