Baseball stitch wall

I originally saw this idea online but I did things a little different then what I read so I thought I'd share my techniques to make this easy and  satisfying :).

My first step was to paint the entire wall, basically bc it was a flat paint before and I changed it to eggshell.  

Obviously walls vary in size so you will just need to determine how close you want the stitching.  

We tied a pencil at the end of a rope and then tacked it in the corner then drew from one side to the other to get the long line.  Make sure u hold the pencil outright and not slanted at all!  Then do the other line in the opposite corner.  

I traced the line with a thin paintbrush using a gray paint we had already.  It's ok if the line isn't exactly the same thickness ! If u look close you can see mine varies in thickness. 

The best thing I did was make a stencil from a scrap piece of cardboard for the stitching.  And I didn't try to draw the stencil exactly the same, I made some shorter and longer just to get a different stitch   

Using this stencil made it so much easier than trying to do it free hand!   I did one line with the stitching one way and the other line with the stitching the opposite way and did them about 2 inches apart.  

When I was done painting all the stitches I added a little black with some red to make the shadow at the end of each stitch.  That really did add a lot to the overall look.   You can see in the pictures with and without.  


  1. Been looking at many different baseball stitch walls and love the way yours turned out! Instructions are fantastic! Do you by chance still have measurements from the stencil for the stitches? Just wondering how wide/thick they are?

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