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Rustic headboard

Instead of an upholstered headboard I decided to go with something a bit more rustic and instead of using pallets like I had originally planned I just used good ol' cheap whiteboard from the hardware store.

Have you EVER tried to take a pallet apart? It's not an easy task at all! 
I bought 2-10'  pieces an 8' piece of whiteboard and had the 8' cut in half for 2-4' posts then the other cut  into 4-54" pieces for the horizontal slats.   

Once it was all together I slapped on a few streaks of off white flat paint and while it was still just a tad bit wet I used a cheesecloth and wiped on some Martha Stewart glaze.  It turned out beautifully and the pictures do not even do it justice, as I was adding the glaze I was smiling ear to ear watching the magic happen.   :)