Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Large wall but nothing to put on it

I have 11' ceilings in my LR and I have tried many things on this one wall but nothing I am 110% satisfied with.  It drives me nuts to sit there and see nothing on that wall or to see something super tiny on the wall.    I had two large family photo canvas there and moved them, put a mirror there but still just not happy.

I decided to go to a local antique shop and buy some of his old wood. He sold it to me for $10 lol. Quite a deal.   Don't think he knows how much he could actually make off of all of it.

Anyway I wanted something huge for my walk so I wanted to put this wood together and put a verse or quote on it or idk something random but now I cant decide on that detail. Lol. I suppose it will take me another month to ponder on are a few pics and even one after I just threw a Valentine's day banner up on it to fill in thst blankness.....I'll post a finished product soon. :).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Family pictures

When we got our pics in Mexico they offered these prints with our package and  I just haven't found the right spot for them.  When we moved I decided not to clutter the walls with family pics but of course I can't just stash pics away so I decided to mount them on burlap and I absolutely love it.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Baseball stitch wall

I originally saw this idea online but I did things a little different then what I read so I thought I'd share my techniques to make this easy and  satisfying :).

My first step was to paint the entire wall, basically bc it was a flat paint before and I changed it to eggshell.  

Obviously walls vary in size so you will just need to determine how close you want the stitching.  

We tied a pencil at the end of a rope and then tacked it in the corner then drew from one side to the other to get the long line.  Make sure u hold the pencil outright and not slanted at all!  Then do the other line in the opposite corner.  

I traced the line with a thin paintbrush using a gray paint we had already.  It's ok if the line isn't exactly the same thickness ! If u look close you can see mine varies in thickness. 

The best thing I did was make a stencil from a scrap piece of cardboard for the stitching.  And I didn't try to draw the stencil exactly the same, I made some shorter and longer just to get a different stitch   

Using this stencil made it so much easier than trying to do it free hand!   I did one line with the stitching one way and the other line with the stitching the opposite way and did them about 2 inches apart.  

When I was done painting all the stitches I added a little black with some red to make the shadow at the end of each stitch.  That really did add a lot to the overall look.   You can see in the pictures with and without.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Princess Tea Party

For my daughters 5th Birthday party we decided upon a Tea Party with Cinderella!  I think I went overboard this time but all the kids and even parents were saying what a great party it was which makes me feel really good since I put so much time and effort into it! 

These were the party favors, I loved making these! I just cut out the circles with a cd as my template, then used a cupcake wrapper template for the tea cup and it took a while to cut out the perfect handle but I got it! Used the bags to make it look like steam coming from pot! I also put name labels in the side as well so the kids wouldn't fight over them. I bought all pink candies, stickers, Cinderella pens for the girls and sll blue candies for the boys! The boys didn't partake in the tea party ;) 

 Pin the Tiara on the Princess! Bought on Amazon for apx. $2.99

 Had Cinderella give all girls a wand, gloves, and a necklace! 

 Tea Cup Pinata, Made by Wackalotta Pinata, can be found on Facebook.

 Place Cards! 

 I made pink Meringues, in which I am so mad that I forgot to take a pic of but they are so beautiful and light and taste like cotton candy!  Here is the pic I stole from the site and the link for the recipe, just allow yourself a lot of bake time for these