Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to antique a furniture piece using glaze

My mom gave me this table in which I was very thankful, However I had a different vision of what I wanted it to look like.   I accomplished that look in just 2 days!
Finished Product

Yesterday I applied 2 coats of liquid sander deglosser, this eliminates the sanding process. I was a bit skeptical of this product but it surprisingly held the paint on pretty good.

After about 10 minutes I painted my table an off-white/antique-white color. I painted on about 2/3 coats  of the antique white.

After about an hour I took a very fine sand paper and lightly sanded the edges/Buttons/bumps to give that distressed look.

I had somewhere to be so I left it at that until today which was probably best to get a good 24 hour drying time but I'm normally not that patient to see end results.

Today I glazed....first time and I was so nervous. I've even watched some tutorials where the people have said not to be nervous but I just was. I didn't want to screw up my newly painted beautiful piece. :).

I used the Martha Stewart Glaze....

I just went ahead and slapped on the glaze and it ended up being so much fun. You can put a good thick coat on or thin or leave it for a few seconds or wipe off right away. You want to have a bowl of water and rag to Dampen to wipe off excess. I found it best to have the rag with very little water to leave some nice glazing streaks but if u want very little glazing keep it quite damp and often clean. Once you do a couple spots you will figure out what technique works for you. It was so much fun and I will use this again.  I actually have an old desk I'd like to use this same method on.

Here is what it looks like after you slap on a coat of glaze

After I wiped it off

More Glaze on...

Glaze off

Glaze on 
Glaze off

LOVE !!!!!

The lady at Home Depot told me to get this to get the sanded areas nice however when I used this it made it look dirty and didn't work as well as fine sand paper.