Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painting a Chevron wall

Ok, long time since I posted, we've been so busy with moving, vacations, unpacking, settling and so much more.  I've been so excited to have more space to decorate.

So originally in our new home I was planning on making our formal dining into a formal living room, however the table I had made was much too big for the breakfast nook so we are using it as a formal dining room and I am not upset about it by any means!  I LOVE my new table.  I kept the idea of the chevron wall and boy was I nervous to start it but dove into it and was soooo lucky to have had my husband to help.  

The steps to take are pretty easy, I used the method of making squares on the wall with chalk, i found a Dora book in my kids room and used that to make my squares:

then sticking paint tape one square intersection to another, I wanted a large chevron print so I think I went from one intersection skipped 2 squares and ended the tape at the intersection.  

Honestly you have to literally jump into doing it to start understanding and visualizing it.  I started taping at the top of each intersection until I realized I needed one stripe to be taped inside and than one outside and so on so lucky we weren't that far on it and changed it ( the parts where the tape pieces are where i painted ) finished the taping and than painted 2 coats.
 I usually remove the tape before the paint dries so I don't rip any tape off.