Sunday, March 16, 2014


I finished the buffet!!! Yay!  I actually finished a while ago but I'm just now posting due to me being busy preparing for my daughters "Princess Tea Party" ( which I will post pictures in).  

I need to sand the doors down a but as they are rubbing with the xtra layers if paint. 

So,  like I mentioned before my mom brought this over to me from her garage. It needed some MAJOR TLC!  
I had to cut a piece of wood to fix this broken leg!  Just glued in on, sanded, used wood filler, sanded, sanded, sanded! 
Definitely had to keep the original hardware!  Spray painted them black and the original hinges were rusted so I just bought new hinges!
This thing came from a garage sale and it was so nasty in and out.   I sanded lightly but used the liquid sander deglosser as it's my favorite :) 
The drawer was gross it has a purple Nasty velvet liner that stunk and was a pain to remove. :( 
Ok, so my initial plan was to paint white and do the door and drawer panels gray but the wood ( pinkish) stain kept bleeding thru the white so I just painted it all gray twice and then did panels white.  I was wanting to just paint the panel tiny trim white but it was hard considering I was out of painters tape and was too impatient to go get some. :)
Here's the final product.  LOVE!  I really love having a buffet rather than a tall china cabinet and I love that it's all enclosed so no one can see my clutter :) 
The main reason why I wanted a buffet is to be able to SERVE from it for Kalyssa's Tea Party so here is a pic from her bday and I will post a separate Birthday post as well.