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I love hosting parties obviously...Thanksgiving is more of the formal dinner to host and I love serve-ware by Princess House to show off my meals and hors d'oeuvres , my mom sells Princess House so of course I have tons of it but I've also hosted a few parties to earn my dishes, serve-ware, cook-ware and etc.

For the Fall season and upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday here are a few pics of some dishes I think are gorgeous!!!

Sushi Night

A lot of people think that making sushi rolls is a very hard thing to do but it's quite easy. The first time I made a roll I rolled my roll very tight and was so proud. I'm going to give you instructions the best I can but it really just takes you jumping into it and trying it to realize its not hard at all.

You need:

Bamboo roll
Sushi rice
Rice vinegar

Ingredients per recipe:

California roll:
Cream cheese
Imitation crab meat

I also add smoked salmon in some or lobster meat and etc in place of the crab meat

Another thing I do is make the seafood sauce ahead of time and put some if a few rolls.

Seafood sauce:
(divide to your tasting)

After I roll them, in which I'll explain below, I sometimes smother them in panko crumbs and deep fry. In 3 different plates flour, egg, panko crumbs,  dip in that order than deep fry until lightly browned on all sides.

Ok for the fun part...

Cook rice as directed, add rice vinegar an…

Halloween trees

As my husband and kids were taking a walk the other night we ran into some branches so I decided to get them off the street and bring them home for some Halloween decor...I don't start decorating for Halloween until Oct. 1st so I'll wait to bury them along the path to my front door :)

Found the black branches you can buy at $49.99. Now Im really thinking my branch find and a bottle of $2.99 black spray paint was well worth it ;)

Use baskets as a dvd/cd holder

I use baskets on my wall to store my dvd/cd's....I do not like a bunch of clutter in front of the tv and even this bothers me but at least it's decorative and out of the way.

Fall wreath

It's that time to start using fall colors....I love this time of year for decorating.

For my yarny fall wreath you need:

Yarn $2.50
Felt $.23

Any other fall decoration I used a bag acorns and pine cones bought from dollar box at target $1.00
Wreath from Walmart $2.50
Glue gun

My first wedding photography

I love photography and I bought a canon rebel about 5 years ago but really never studied photography much until a few months ago when I wanted to photograph my sons 1st bday pics and my brother asked me to shoot his wedding. I have been doing so much research and reading blog after blog and emailing photographers for advice and have learned so much. I bought a 50mm f 1.4 and I had a 28-90, I also bought a lens hood, and Next id like to buy an external flash. There is so much information to learn its a very talented hobby or career and id love to learn more.
Here are a few pics I shot from my brothers wedding.

Foam board instead of frames

Throughout my house I have a lot of photos mounted to foam board, I love the look and I don't like trying to match frames or having a bunch of different frames but mostly it's so inexpensive:

Print your photos (or use old ones)

Find your local print shop that does the mounting. I use a blueprint shop that most architects use. It's apx $3.00 per mount, of course the bigger the pic the more expensive but only like a dollar or 2.

You can choose the thickness you want and even between black or white.

Here are a few pics I have from my engagement that I have hung above my bed. I use a type of sticky back Velcro (command) so it doesn't ruin my wall!

Rosette clip

Made my first rosette clip

Used chevron fabric and I didn't sew on purpose to leave that fringed look.