Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beach ball piñata

I'm having my sons 2nd bday party at our pool in our new neighborhood this year and I decided to do a beach ball theme since there was a beach ball on our splish splash invitation.

I looked up beach ball piñatas and they weren't too bad in price but the shipping was high so I decided to make one myself.  

I think the last time I did anything like this was 4th grade, so of course I looked up how to make a piñata but created the beach ball myself.   

I used a perfectly round balloon $1.00 
Equal parts flour and water 
Crepe paper $1.00 each x 6 colors $6.00
String that I already had so basically I saved $15.00 

It took me a total of about 5 days to let the newspaper dry then did another layer let it dry then added the crepe paper and waited for it to dry.  

I still need to add candy and close off the top. 

Can't wait to watch the kids break it open. 

It was also a fun project for the kids to work on since it was messy :) 

Kalyssa ripping up the newspaper

The mixture 

The balloon 

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