Monday, July 8, 2013

Painted mason jars

Oh how I've been wanting to do this FOREVER! I didn't want to make the paint do I've just slacked a bit, however, I was at a very small local antique shop and saw the ALREADY PREPARED paint YAYAYA!

Super simple just use any mason jar or any type of glass container for that matter and just add a little bit of your paint and just hold it up and turn it and move it to where the paint coats the jar!  Don't worry about the rim because you will just turn the jar upside down to let all the excess drain out and it will coat the rim! 

One small tip:  when turning upside down to drain place on something that you can drain the excess paint back into your paint container. Try not to use newspaper because it will rip and soak it'll be surprised how much comes out and can be used on another fabulous project.  

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