Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do-it-yourself curtain panels

I decided to make more window panels since I can never find any that I like!  I had a vision for my dining room of bright white extra long panels, I went to Penney home store and got 95" panels brought then home and they just weren't long enough to have any pull ( dragging on the floor) so I went to our local fabric store and found a very pretty burlap in the shade that I've been leaning towards!

In my dining room I have a 9' ceiling so I needed 108" plus 6" more for a 3" hem on each end and at least 3" of pull which means I needed 117" total per panel. 

I originally had spent about $60 on a rod and jcp panels, which was super inexpensive because it was all on sale. After I returned everything, bout two white rods $1.00 a piece and the fabric I ended up only spending $22 to make my dining room look fabulous!  All I need now is a new pendant light so I will post updated pics at a later date. :). Thanks for reading. 

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