Sunday, November 11, 2012

Re-upholstered chair

I love re-upholstering, it's so exciting to see a chair look brand new again. The upholstery on this chair wasn't that bad but I just wanted to use the pink chevron somewhere so decided to do my daughters desk chair :).

Take off whatever you need to take off of the chair before you start, in this case I left the existing on there since it was really not that bad. I just covered it and made sure I didn't ruin anything just incase I wanted to take the chevron off.  

You always want to put a middle staple on each side and then staple to each corner, normally I pull really tight but in the case I didn't want to stretch the pattern so that it will be off so I just pulled it enough so that it was tight but not stretching the pattern.

You will see here how I came from one side and the other side and made it to the corner. 
My little helper was doing a great job ;).  He is all boy, loves the tools.  

Now that I'm at the corner, I folded and tucked it to the way I wanted so that there are big creases that will show when it is flipped take a little bit of trying a fold and seeing if it works for you.  Once you decide than cut off any excess so that it won't be too bulky .

Now that I have cut off the excess, I pulled it in and than stapled it down enough to make sure it wont come loose. 
Here is a pic of the corner up close to show you how nice and folded it looks with no big creases sticking out. 

Next cut or reuse your cambric to fit and staple close to the edge.

Attach to your chair and there you go....a new looking chair that fits your decor! 

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