Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cradle Cap

This is a different type of post but I wanted to share.....

Both my boys have had cradle cap and my youngest has had it really bad, I asked my Dr. And she told me to use Selson Blue but I remembered seeing something in the baby section at Walmart for cradle cap, I'm always hesitant to buy stuff like this since it seems like just a way for a company to make money but I went ahead since Konners cradle cap has gotten really bad. This lotion comes with a scrubby brush so I massaged and brushed this into Konners hair and left it in for about an hour and then came back and brushed and brushed in circular motion and then kind of tilted the brush to the side and brushed all the scabs (sounds gross) forward. I then have him a bath washed his hair and used the same brush with shampoo in his hair and the cradle cap is literally all gone. I wish I would have done this sooner! I love this stuff and would recommend it for sure. :).

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