Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ottoman cover

So I finally made the ottoman cover....I am going to tell you now, I am NOT good at sewing but I am getting better as I practice.  My problem is I am impatient so I don't measure exact and I don't have anything to cut fabric straight so it turned out the best it could :)

I have an old 1'x1' ottoman that I use to store pictures, I upholstered the top of it last year and am sick of it so I just wanted to make a cover.

I bought 2 yards of fabric and I cut it short so that I could make a ruffle but I ended up not making it ruffled I just did a straight skirt.

place over ottoman inside out and pin each corner

pinning each corner and getting ready to cut the excess

Making the ruffle/skirt...Make the skirt 51/2 " 

Ended up being a little snug and uneven lol But it looks better than before...I  am going to make one for the other 2 ottomans I have throughout the house so by the 3rd one I should be a pro :)

My daughter HAD to pose next to it 

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