Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tile your own backsplash!!!

Why would you PAY someone to tile your home when you can do it yourself?

I LOVE tiling....the worst part about it is probably the clean-up so honestly ANYONE can tile....I seem to have better look tiling walls rather than floor but floor is east too...

What you need: tile, mortar, grout, trowel, float, sponge (for cleanup), spacers (depending on tile), and a wet saw (depending on tile)

On this tile I have applied to my backsplash I didn't want to deal with a wet saw so I bought some glass tiles adhered to a mesh backing and I just cut them to the size and shape I needed with scissors...

choose your tile...I found this at home depot for $1.50 sq. ft.  clearance.  Our store didn't have as many as I needed so I had 2 other locations ship them to my store.   After you choose your tile you need to choose a grout to match...the store has grout samples to match to.  You can choose a sand grout or a no-sand grout.  With glass tiles you DO NOT want to use the sand grout or it will scratch the glass. 

Take your trowel and get some mortar on it and them slap it on your wall and even it out.  Lay your tile over the top and press firmly to let it set into the mortar. 

Do that all the way if you have a solid piece of tile you will want to use spacers...spacers are little plastic pieces with 4 sides that allows you to put a side into the joint so that each tile will be spaced evenly.  then you removed them after the mortar is dried and the tile is set in place.  I didn't use any with this job.  I really just eyeball stuff. 

When you are done setting your tile, it is best to wait 24-hours before you add the grout.  The mortar needs to completely dry.

When you are ready to grout you just add the grout to your float and evenly distribute the grout over the tile making sure you get each joint with the grout.

Let your grout dry just a little and then take your damp giant sponge  and start the wipe down.   This is the part I do not like just because it is messy but the end result is always wonderful.  

you can finish your edges with edging.  or add your own special design with different tiles.  Don't be afraid to try different things and colors that you would normally not use.  Thats the key yo decorating...step out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised how much you like difference.  :) 

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