Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Easy Table Runner and Place Mats

You need: apx 2yds of 2 different fabrics, coordinating thread, and a sewing machine :) I used a 100% cotton as the red to prevent too much sliding on the table, I also washed it before I did anything. R

1. Cut the fabric to a size you want, I did a 14" x 64" runner.

2. Cut the top part the size you want than the lower fabric about 1 1/2" bigger on each side.

3. Lay bottom fabric under top and fold edges over once, iron, than fold again over the fabric, iron,  pin in place. (ironing really helps keep things in place)

4. Fold corners in to your liking, it took me a bit to figure out how I wanted the corners , once I did I cut off any excess to avoid bulkiness. Pin down corners and than start sewing!

5. Finally spray starch and iron.

As you can see I made matching place mats. I made these for a Christmas gift for my mom. So easy and pretty I will be making her 2 more placemats for when she extends her table for company.

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