Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Large wall but nothing to put on it

I have 11' ceilings in my LR and I have tried many things on this one wall but nothing I am 110% satisfied with.  It drives me nuts to sit there and see nothing on that wall or to see something super tiny on the wall.    I had two large family photo canvas there and moved them, put a mirror there but still just not happy.

I decided to go to a local antique shop and buy some of his old wood. He sold it to me for $10 lol. Quite a deal.   Don't think he knows how much he could actually make off of all of it.

Anyway I wanted something huge for my walk so I wanted to put this wood together and put a verse or quote on it or idk something random but now I cant decide on that detail. Lol. I suppose it will take me another month to ponder on are a few pics and even one after I just threw a Valentine's day banner up on it to fill in thst blankness.....I'll post a finished product soon. :).

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